story development * script-consulting * dramaturgy




My film education was provided by international lecturers such as Christopher Vogler, Roland Klick, Mogens Rukov, Dick Ross, Bobette Buster, Cunningham & Schlesinger, Felix Huby, Thomas Schadt, Chris Kraus and Dževad Karahasan.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts (in German Literature/Social Sciences) and a Master of Arts (in European Literatures), both completed at the Humboldt University in Berlin.




2014-2018  Master's degree in European Literature at the Humboldt University of Berlin. Topic of the Master's thesis: "Ingmar Bergman's Persona - Self-reflexivity and narrative modelling".


Participation in the writing workshop of the Bosnian writer and dramaturge Dževad Karahasan/ Barbara Müller: Fundraising, Sponsoring & Project Management / Cornelia Schultheiss: Intercultural Management



2005-2009 Bachelor of Arts in German Literature and Social Sciences at the Humboldt University of Berlin. Topic of the Bachelor thesis: "The influence of genre, genre and medium on the material development process of a work. The adaptations and adaptations of Ulrich Plenzdorf's Die neuen Leiden des jungen W.".



Heike Andra Joeckle : Artistic Radio Feature/ Stephan Rehberger: Writing for series Rupprecht (Ullstein Verlag): Editorial Office / Petra Lölsberg: Book PR


1998-2000 script studies at the dffb Drehbuchakademie Berlin. Diploma with the 90-minute screenplay Straße der Besten.



Mogens Rukov - universal storytelling / Dick Ross - short-stories / Felix Huby - early evening series Thomas Schadt - research / Roland Klick - direction & film dramaturgy / Chris Craus - dialogues / Charles Lewinsky - sitcom / Bobette Buster - film language, pitching / Dieter Wardetzky - film dramaturgy / Christian Ziewer / Sybille Kurz / Bobette Buster/ Urs Egger/ Cunningham & Schlesinger / Christopher Vogler

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